Loopy Brownie Sundae

Fudge brownie baked with layers of chocolate chip cookie dough and oreo cookies. Served warm with cookies and cream, chocolate cookie dough and almond fudge ice cream. Topped with whipped creme and house-made hot fudge

Chocolate Chippers

House-made chocolate chip cookies, vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate sauce

Seasonal Cheesecake

We couldn't decide on one flavor so we are doing them all! Ask your server what delicious flavor is available today

Lemon Poppyseed Cake

Zesty lemon poppyseed cake filled with sweet yet tart raspberry filling and frosted with a smooth Swiss buttercream frosting

Buttermilk Pudding

A must try! It has a fresh tang that floats lightly over the creamy custardy texture and is topped with fresh berries

Rhubarb Dessert

Fresh rhubarb baked with a layer of custard and finished with a buttery sweet topping

Hot Fudge Sundae

Enjoy one scoop of vanilla bean ice cream topped with our house-made hot fudge sauce (you can even add sprinkles if you'd like!).